After reading hundreds of books, interviewing millionaires, and hours of research, we noticed a very big gap in the financial information out there. They all promised big bucks and "financial freedom", but there was no specific plan of HOW to apply the information.

Which is why we created Centsei

No more reading hundreds of blog articles. No more brother-in-law advice. Just practical tools that work.

  • Interactive Video Content

    Downloadable content, Q&A sessions + hands on video lessons

  • Focus on Couples

    Exclusive focus on how to navigate finances as a couple, get aligned and make your dreams happen together

  • Actionable Info

    Action items included with each lesson to show you HOW to apply the information + cater it to your specific needs

  • One Easy to Manage Platform

    No more sorting through blogs and books. It is all on one easy to manage platform

  • No Fluff

    A compilation of tried and tested principles from financial blogs, books, interviews, from the best investors, CFP's, millionaires, and financial gurus

  • Digital Tools

    Access to unique tools and templates with specific "How To" video walk throughs showing HOW to utilize the technology out there


“Jordan started teaching high school and coaching football last month. We went 2 months without his normal paycheck because of how the different paydays worked with the different jobs. We are so grateful for your course because we were prepared ahead of time! We were stable and confident because we knew we could make it through these two months before they even started! ”

Jordan and KaitlinJordan and Kaitlin

“This course showed us HOW to do things. We learned how to get a higher interest rate on our emergency fund, and exactly how to invest. We already knew how to budget and were debt free before the class, but left Centsei feeling encouraged and empowered.”

Daniel and KatelynDaniel and Katelyn

“Our perspective on finances and marriage really changed for the better through this course. We learned there is so much more we can do if we take the proper steps now. It has strengthened our marriage and brought us closer together. It has created a lot of trust.”

Jose and AlexandraJose and Alexandra

“Before taking this course we were in $5000 of credit card debt. Following the steps Dan and Mikayla outlined helped us think outside of the box, and now it has been 2 months and we have already paid it off!”

Eric and AndieEric and Andie

“It took me months of convincing but I finally got my husband to go through the first few modules with me tonight! I love your approach to finances and especially the discussion questions! Money is a VERY sore spot for my husband and how it affected his family growing up and it was such a needed conversation we never would have had! ”

Breanne and HusbandBreanne and Husband

Meet The Instructors

  • Dan and Kay Ockey

    Dan and Kay Ockey


    After accomplishing our first financial goal together (paying off our $20,000 of debt in 6 months as college students), we were hooked on making real financial progress. As we continued to accomplish other money goals worth tens of thousands of dollars, we realized that the old system of percentages and "just earn more money" were not necessarily the solutions to modern money problems. Simple systems, tools, and a focused plan have proven to make the actual difference. That's why we created the Financial Growth System that we teach inside the Personal Finance Accelerator™. You don't need someone telling you to: "Keep a budget", "Invest while you are young" , "Pay off your student loans". You know that. You need someone to show you HOW to do it. FAST. You need an accelerator. We developed this course to teach others what we have learned from thousands of hours of research, experiments, interviewing millionaires, and coaching hundreds of individuals and couples. We know you too can have a clear plan for WHERE you are going and HOW you are going to get there and actually start saving money towards your biggest financial goal.